International Village Shop is part of the 6th Moscow BiŽnnale. Till 25 October 2015 in Bogorodskoe Gallery. In a short film the villagers of Zvizzchi promote our shop classics and their new ceramics.

In 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig we do the International Village Show.
It is a show in eight parts and 4 September the third part opened with Farmers & Ranchers (USA, NL) and Brezoi Goods (Romania). Till 22 November 2015.

Till 18 October in "Grow it Yourself" in PAV, Turino, Italy. With among others Made in Zvizzchi 2013 and a Shop.

"Company: Movements, Deals and Drinks" runs a bar during Frieze Art Fair and at the 10th Marathon in Serpentine Galleries .

A Schelde River Scape is the brand new book with co-created landscape-drawings (launch 30 October in Scheepvaart Museum Baasrode, Belgium). Near the village of Vlassenbroek en Broekkant, Baasrode new landscaping is planned. With Jap Sam Books and Vlaams Bouwmeester Kunstcel.