KRASNOYARSK BI╦NNALE: Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Siberia RU
With goods from Zvizzchi and a film with Russian shopadvertisement. The museum-exhibition runs from 5 October 2017 till 28 Februari 2018. The biennale focusses on village and world, an artistic discovery of the Russian village. Astrid Wege is the curator that supported Made in Zvizzchi.

DORFLADEN: Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen DE
From 19 August we will open a permanent shop in the lobby of this Kunstverein, to celebrate their 50th birthday and the succes of our Potato Sleeper.

A new local good and production film is made in Huangbian; an urban village in Guangzhou.The upcoming Huangbian-Bag-launches are at Amsterdam Art week (24 Nov) and Springhornhof Neuenkirchen (3 Dec).

MYVILLAGES BOOK: International Village Show
The monography - published with Jovis, Berlin - shows 16 Villages, 12 projects and is named after a solo in eight parts 2014-16 in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig (GfZK).

ECO NOMADIC SCHOOL: ten years nomadic and curious.
In 2017 we will end this school but never the learning. The L2A-PDF-rapport is free downloadable.