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International Village Show 1/8 2/8 3/8 4/8  (English/German projectwebsite)
All villages in one place.
2015, Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig (GfZK) Germany

The International Village Show is open to the public from February 2015 to November 2016. A show with farmers on the subject of their work, trousseaus and new designs for lace doilies, original Seville orange marmalade and international homemade liquor, landscape drawings, Frisian shell trails and reports about young people chilling in the countryside.

Events and shows on the website. See also the publication/monograph published 2 december 2016; International Village Show - book.

The first part of the International Village Show featured an encounter between the village of Höfen (Franconia) and Ekumfi Ekrawo (Ghana); in the second part, Spanish villages will meet villages from the region surrounding Leipzig. A summary is made of the work the artists have developed on site so far. This takes a wide variety of forms, including videos produced in collaboration
In May 2015 and in cooperation with GeoWerkstatt Leipzig, Wapke Feenstra shows a film animation of the geological changes that have taken place in the region surrounding Leipzig. We learn of elevations and subsidence, of an active volcano near Leipzig. Feenstra shows us that there are traces of lava and marine life. The landscape we know today has developed over a period of 350 000 000 years.

Soon more on 3 and 4 in 2015.