Das Dorf - Langenthal CH Internationaler Dorfladen in Berlin Book launch huisboomfeest
Schnucken, Elefanten* und andere Gastgeschenke Former Farmland, Landscape 2.0, Oldenburg Artist in Residence at Lawson Park
Land use - Stedelijk Goes West Paralelo The Meadow Network #3
Launch Village Produce Films Former Farmland, Ars Electronica Festival, Linz Former Farmland, EXPO 08, Saragossa
The Best Place/De Beste Plek Village Coulisses Over the border
Dry Feet Residency Grizedale Arts Why We Left The Village and Came Back
Friday Sessions London Something about Wapke Trade
Badende in München Village Convention Voortuin Lekkum 1990-2004
Danaë en de Gouden Regen NewCanvas©2004 Spot 2004-01 to 2004-02
Switched >ON< Uit de Verf Baadsters (Amsterdam)
A stay in the country ?Wat wordt het weer? Spot 2001-01 to 2001-11
On a Clear Day Een beter uitzicht? wssohwte?
Fortverkenning met herbarium WoefWoef, walked in Arnhem eight.days.a.year
Was geschieht bestimmt der ort Krekt Sa Smokkelschmuggelsmuggle
Sietske I am looking for space and fortune. -b-l-i-k-o-p-e-n-e-r-
Even ertussen uit Ins Gruene Hinein Tentententoonstelling
Fielding Wood and other holds A house for the community
NEsTWORK Bone, button, ribbon ... Inner and out spaces
Wapke Feenstra & Jan van den Dobbelsteen Prix de Rome