Umea Skafferi at Survival Kit Festival
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Survival Kit Festival

Umea Skafferi at Survival Kit Festival  
This Swedish Pantry (Skafferi) is set up with the Bildmuseet and portrays the European Cultural City 2014 over its food.
2014, Umea and surroundings.

What grows in and around Umeċ? Who are the producers and how do we get hold of their produce? What is naturally available?
From Sunday Sep 21 - Sunday Oct 19 during the Survival Kit Festival, Umeċ Pantry will be filled with donations from local growers and producers, and it is open for our guests to come up with what they could offer in return. The pantry in this sense represents what people can and want to “give” each other. We hope that it will mirror not only the landscape in and around Umeċ, but also the local food production network and its consumers. Umeċ Pantry also offers an opportunity to reflect on our roles in the food chain. It will serve as a lively meeting place where dialogues about food can take place between consumers and local producers. We aspire for the pantry, while it is being cleared out by our food­-sharing events, to be filled with new ideas, discussions and creative suggestions on sustainable food culture in Umeċ.

It will be open for food-sharing events every weekend from Friday to Sunday, along with various activities dedicated to food-related themes. This includes Skafferi Prat (‘Pantry Talks’), presentations, workshops, seminars, informal dialogues and more.

For a celebrative inlet to our Skafferi during the Survival Kit Festival look at: the video impression compiled by Sujy Lee.

Case Study, Umea School of Design. See publication International Journal of Design nr 10 2016.