Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin Germany
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A-Z Sammlung Marzona

Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin Germany  (Eng)
As part of the A-Z Marzona Collection exhibition.
2015, Formen des Festlegens / Forms of Lending Shape

“The way in which, as an artist, you arrive at and lend shape to forms is not a purely individual or formal decision, but a conceptual and socio-political positioning”

Taking works in the collection as its starting point, Myvillages’ contribution to “A–Z. The Marzona Collection” examines the “forms of lending shape” involved in art and exhibitions. How are decisions about final shape taken? Who makes these decisions and who decides who can be involved? In collaboration with museum visitors and invited guests, principles of form-finding are discovered, laid down, tested and rejected.

Room Q enables “lending shape to forms” to be experienced spatially, physically and intellectually, in company or alone. Visitors are invited to these public exercises in “lending shape”, whether by formally arranging visual material, orally describing the artist process or in the decision not to take part.

Myvillages was invited to create an interactive space in which artistic processes of production, and above all characteristic methods and techniques of Conceptual Art, are investigated in a transparent, polyphonic, critical and playful way. Curated by Lisa Marei Schmidt and the Education and Outreach department.