Parco d`Arte Vivente, PAV Torino, Italy  (Eng)
A groupshow and a serie of events curated by Marco Scotini
2015, Grow it Yourself

Myvillages exhibits from 12 June till 18 October 2015 four projects in the exhibition Grow It Yourself, a group show.
Our works International Village Shop, Made in Zvizzchi, Company and I like being a Farmer are part of the exhibition.

Grow It Yourself has developed through the works, projects and research by the collectives Futurefarmers, Myvillages, Inland-Campo Adentro and by a previously unpublished contribution by Piero Gilardi.
The show is exploring a series of experiments in which agricultural production, the self-management of natural resources and its consequences for food policies, traces a constituent relationship between artistic practise and social ability.

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