Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag (NL)  (ENG)
Show a new co-created Village Good
2016, Wild Treasure launch

A new local item for the International Village Shop.
Developed, designed and made with a skilled and enthusiastic group of Opsterlanders, this new treasure is launched in a special temporary 2-Day-Shop in Kunsthuis SYB during the Beetsterzwaag Art Weekend 2016. The brand new Wild Treasure and the shop are a meetingpoint for all interested in local culture. A Village Produce Film shows the production of this exclusive product that echoes the history of the landlords longing for silverwork, land workers hunting for mole rats and used to the eating of local beans. In the 2-Day Shop we meanwhile introduce other local products like cheese, beans and cakes.

See the Village Production Film.

After the launch on 2 and 3 July 2016 WILD TREASURE will be for sale over Kunsthuis SYB, Hoofdstraat 70 and at Goudsmid V D Velde, Hoofdstraat 72, Beetsterzwaag, Opsterland, Frysl‚n, The Netherlands.
Thanks to Erasmus+, Bankgiro Loterij and Kunsthuis SYB