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Gudang Sarinah Ekosistem, Ruangrupa Jakarta  (ENG)
Draw a Farm booth
2017, OK_Pangan

The eight OK. Video – Indonesia Media Arts Festival invited Wapke Feenstra for a collaboration and to bring in her works. Under the title OK_Pangan the festival was focusing on Food issues and farming. Apart from efforts to unearth past narratives, such as the New Order’s food strategies, OK. Video tries to envision various narrations and alternative models of the present day.

In the main exhibition hall the special designed Draw-a-Farm-booth was set up. The task was, “Draw a farm for me, and add it to the booth”. Draw a Farm is showing and observes the evolving relationship between the rural and the urban, by looking at different forms of expression, pre-conceptions and imaginations.

In the past years, the task has resulted in a whole spectrum of farm images. Whereas one drawing might be based on childhood memories, another might make a political statement. OK. Pangan 2017 exhibition shows a selection of these drawings. At two screens over 400 farm-drawings are presented in slideshows and bring us images of farming from Brazil, Japan, USA and Europe; some drawings are made by farmers but the collection mainly consist of images made in art-settings, which concentrates on the rural and farming knowledge of artists, museum and workshop visitors, and students. Asking the public to add their own drawings, let us see how we all create our own internal images of farming.

Thanks to all members of the team and special thank to the curators Julia Sarisetiati and Renan Laru-an.

During the festival Feenstra visited three urban farms, led a Pantry Talk and screened the Farmer & Ranchers film.