Kunsthuis SYB, Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag 2018
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International Village Shop
Wild Treasure / Beestachtige Schat
Janus, die Wolfskerze

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Kunsthuis SYB, Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag 2018   (ENG)
Trading Village Goods for a trans-local understanding of the commons
2018, Almende, Triennale van Beetsterzwaag 2018.

The sales-performance ‘Sutelje’ was presented at the second Triennale van Beetsterzwaag, 6-9 Sept 2018. On invitation of curators Julia Geerlings and Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk.

Taking the commons as a source of action, Wapke Feenstra created a 1:1 economy by bringing local and international Village Goods into the mainstreet of Beetsterzwaag during the Triënnale. In her project ‘Sutelje’, Frysian for “peddling”, Wapke carried a sales basket and organized a trunk-sale from her parked car, that was filled with merchandise during the four days of the triennale. Wapke’s ‘Sutelje’, is part of the International Village Shop, an international network focused on local products that was launched by Myvillages in 2007. The products Wapke collected for her trade were a selection of local created Village Goods that represent their origins’ regions, natural resources, skills, labour and local myths. Among others, goods in Wapke’s basket were the ‘Wild Treasure’; a bean in a silver box, wrapped with a mole skin that has been made and co-created within the village of Beetsterzwaag. Another item found in the basket was a two-headed wolf candle; ‘Janus die Wolfkerze’, which represents the cultural heritage of the Nedersaksen district Lüneburg and their recent ambivalence to the return of the wolf in everyday life. Wapke’s roaming around the village’s streets caused chuckles at the streets of Beetsterzwaag, at the same time, her project is a performance in line of the history of the area`s workers movements; the poor peat cutters were also often poachers and peddlers.

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Triënnale van Beetsterzwaag in 2018

The triennale of Beetsterzwaag is organized by SYB art house and residency project in Beetsterzwaag in Friesland, The Netherlands. The four day event presents to a bigger public the work that is done at SYB. In 2018 the 29 selected artists, both 23 alumni of Kunsthuis SYB as 6 new committees, concentrated on the ancient concept of “almende”. This term, dating back to the Middle Ages, is introduced to further develop the idea of the commons (community / community spirit) that indicates a common share of the community in unbuilt, undivided meadows, forests and fishing waters. Guest curators Julia Geerlings and Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk wanted to revise and renew to go beyond an anthropocentric people-only community and animate it as a more inclusive zone and gathering place of people and nonhumans, the living and the inanimate, the organic and the inorganic.

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photo Almende Eric Giraudet

photo Almende Eric Giraudet

photo Almende Eric Giraudet