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Archstoyanie 2015 and 6th Moscow Biennale  (ENG )
Made in Zvizzchi - Shops and Shows 2015 with local ceramics and a sales film made in Zvizzchi
2015, Zvizzchi in Archstoyanie Festival 2015, and Bogorodskoe Exhibition Hall during the 6th Moscow Biennale

A follow up of “Made in Zvizzchi”, that started from 2013 to collect knowledge and list the skills, and designed a small shop vitrine for the village. And Zvizzchi studied its geology with a visiting geologist and we also found out that there is clay in Zvizzchi, good-quality clay suitable for moulding and firing. So it was in 2015 explored as the raw material for ceramics Made in Zvizzchi. We were burning the killn as a part of the Archstoyanie Festival 2015 program, and in an outdoor shop and later in the Bogorodskoe Exhibition (6th Moscow Biennale) we showed the results among other goods from the International Village Shop. (The the open source brand MIZ is still active and run by villagers.)

In 2015 we bring in more goods from other villages we have worked with and our International Village Shop brings along a sales performance: Introducing visitors or possible shop clients to the stories of the village goods on offer. But what to do when none of us is around? How to provide a proper sales performance and the popular authentic story telling?
For the МЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ СЕЛСКИ МАГАЗИН at Bogorodskoe Exhibition Hall as part of the 6. Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, we developed a promotional film with our partners in Zvizzchi: They present their new local ceramics as well as Frogbutterspoons from Höfen, Farmers´Chinaware from Spain or the Ittinger Ei, in Russia renamed to Functionless Egg "Secret", using the stories we passed on. Convincing advertisement, based on hearsay knowledge.

The film was not only popular in Moskow, but helped to increase shop promotion on many occasions in many countries. With Antje Schiffers (Myvillages). Georgy Nikich, Olga Gartman, Алина Деревянко, AMK, Kartoschkino, Archstoyanie team, Village School Zvizzchi, and all villagers from Zvizzchi. The 2015 ceraramics-team. And huge thank-you to the shop-committee in Zvizzchi.