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TENT, Rotterdam NL

Brutus Award, Rotterdam NL  (English)
Exhibition of Boerenzij films, objects and books at Brutus Artist Driven Playground
2022, Brutus Award (6 Oct till 8 Jan 2023) and Wild Summer of Art 2 (6 Aug till 4 Sept 2022)

Brutus award winner Wapke Feenstra visits and organised meetings with rural citizens and professionals to learn more about the rural life of the various cultures that live in Rotterdam-South (Boerenzij - or The Rural Side, this is the nickname of this part of Rotterdam). After a solo-show in TENT Rotterdam - now in Brutus, Wapke Feenstra sheds again a light on the divers rural undercurrents of the South Bank in Rotterdam - it is a fusion of multicultural rural and urban life. This area has been a home for migrants from all over the world for more than a century. These rural migrants have enriched the Boerenzij by combining rural mindsets with Dutch soils and urban lifestyles. However, De Boerenzij faces an intense problem: the gentrification. The inhabitants of the Boerenzij are increasingly being driven out by large capital that is settling down in the South of Rotterdam.
The ticket to BRUTUS is combined with IABR-2022.