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Kassels` Rural Undercurrents

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Documenta 15, Kassel DE  (ENG)
Kassels` Rural Undercurrents
2022, Rural School of Economics at Hafenstrasse 76, Hueber Areaal and wider Kassel

Who holds land-based knowledge in a city and where does it become visible? Who are the women who run lasting economies? How can we share without talking?

The Rural School of Economics has been addressing, un-digging and visualising the collective findings to those questions over 18 months in and around Kassel.

We worked and were Composting Knowledge with local partners; the dairy cooperative Uplander Bauernmolkerei, the Shared Pot Kommune Niederkaufungen, Frauentreff BrŁckenhof, Schlachthof Kulturzentrum, Violets against Violence, and of course ruangrupa and Lumbung itself.

More on the RSoE Drawingroom at Hafenstrasse 76.
More on the Rural Undercurrent Vendingmachines in Huebner Areaal.

See the documentation film made by jojo-tv Kassel Summer 2022:
Kassel` Rural Undercurrents