Tarra Warra Museum of Art, Healesville, AU
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Boerenzij / The Rural Side BOOK

`Boerenzij - The Rural Side`

Tarra Warra Museum of Art, Healesville, AU  (ENG)
On show 5 August till 12 November 2023
2023, BOERENZIJ is part of The Soils Project in TarraWarra Museum 2023

BOERENZIJ is with a new installation part of The Soils Project at TarraWarra Museum in Healesville, North of Melbourne, AU.

Boerenzij | The Rural Side is made with many Rotterdammers, and this installation includes:

Boerenzij – Rural Migration in Rotterdam South 2019 -
video duration: 00:33:40

Geological Animation Boerenzij 2019 -
video duration 00:06:42

Balcony Drawings by Rowanna Settels, Tânia Alexandra Cardosa and Bas van Loon

Welcome-Signs made with youngsters in the NIFFO Recycle Studio

Antique weatherglass from a farmers family archive

Wooden shoes made by Kees Biesbroek

Listen to the ABC-radio-interview on Boerenzij and The Soils Project

Wapke Feenstra (Myvillages)
Boerenzij | The Rural Side 2018–2020
Courtesy of the artist - photos by Andrew Curtis = installation view, The Soils Project, TarraWarra Museum of Art, 2023