International Village Show in GfZK Leipzig  (Eng)
An extended solo with exhibtions, events, research and a book

Access: about the show and the villages, see the book International Village Show - published in december 2016.

Project website (still online): International Village Show

The largest single Myvillages project to date is developed with the curators of GfZK (Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig) and can be seen in the garden house, which has been converted specially for the purpose. Here, encounters take place between the various places and partners participating in Myvillages, all of them from different rural areas. They manufacture products, they mediate between regions and people from diverse settings: between the town and the countryside in an international context, between communities with an affinity to art and people to whom it is an alien concept, between institutions and individuals. Myvillages is concerned with the activation of self-perception and the perception of others, whereby the definition of the “self” and the “other” may shift according to the working context.