Wild Treasure / Beestachtige Schat  (ENG)
An object that embraces the diverse stories of peat-distraction and land-use in Beetsterzwaag.

The Wild Treasure from Beetsterzwaag is developed, designed and made with a skilled and enthusiastic group of Opsterlanders. We made a Village Produce Film (2016).

April till June 2016: We think about a local object that can be a souvernir and social sculpture to remind the land-use. Stories are passed down from generation to generation about the regional landscape, untamed and wild, and how people lived in the past. The anarchistic and socialistic protest movements fed by peat-distraction are still a hot-topic in the area. The shape of the Wild Treasure was inspired by a typical local product: w‚ldbeantsje. Once the fare of poor people, but have recently found their way onto the menus of modern classy restaurants in the region. To shape the new product, two other particularly local skills entered the process: silver jewellery making and mole hunting. Douwe van de Velde, silversmith and owner of the townís goldsmiths, developed a silver locket that could contain the bean; whilst a local mole-catcher, used the traditional mole hunting technique to catch the animal for its fur.

All people behind this treasure are: Betty van der Kamp (Moll Fur), Douwe van der Velde (Silver), Durk Schroor (Beans), Eline Nijboer, Geertjan Plooijer (Photo), Gjalt Tjeerdsma, Koen Blank, Lutzen Schroor, Maritt Kuiper (Kunsthuis SYB), Murk-Jaep van der Schaaf (Film), Rinske Sieswerda, Myvillages, Wietske Lycklama ŗ Nijeholt (Text-Letter and Moll Fur).

WILD TREASURE was made during a residency in Kunsthuis SYB, Beetsterzwaag.
Also available over Goudsmid V D Velde, Hoofdstraat 72, Beetsterzwaag, Opsterland, Frysl‚n, The Netherlands and in Kunstverein Springhornhof, Neuenkirchen bei Soltau in Germany.

Thanks to Erasmus+, Bankgiro Loterij Fonds and Kunsthuis SYB