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Rural School of Economics

Pushkino_Style  (ENG)
Pushkino presented by youngsters that grow up there.

En plein air, landmarks, decorations, logos and the design of a huge mural on a block of flats are filmed and celebrated in Pushkino Style.

Pushkino is a village in the Kalinin district of the Tver region of Russia. It is located 30 km south of Tver, on the Volokolamsk Highway, which splits the village in two. A few years ago a new gusli (a small Russian stringed instrument) factory was opened there.
The village hall, built in 1972, sports a large portrait of Lenin on the facade. The collective farm the Kolkhoz was closed in the nineties and the old church is being refurbished. In 2019 wapke visits the village and we set up Pushkino_Style as a part of the Rural School of Economics. The curators and co-producers are: Anastasia Kamienska Georgy Nikich, Gusli Factory, visiting artists and the villagers from Pushkino - especially the youngsters.

Young people are the future, and should have a voice in the future of the village culture. Ongoing and bottom-up.

So in 2020 and 2021 we explored Pushkino with a particular focus on the surrounding nature.The activities are led by young people, with support from cultural managers, visiting artists, local families and teachers from the village school. Young people have taken ownership of Pushkino in an innovative way, having relinquished traditional ideas on the function of rural Russian villages.