Kassels` Rural Undercurrents
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Documenta 15, Kassel DE

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Kassels` Rural Undercurrents   (ENG)
Documenta 15, Kassel DE

See the documentation film made by jojo-tv Kassel Summer 2022:
Kassel` Rural Undercurrents

What we did:
A long Summer we explored with many many others - Kassel’s Rural Undercurrents which lie within urban growing and local food initiatives, come from a not-distant agricultural Umland, and are living in the mind-sets of residents whose families come from the countryside. (Within many of the 39% of the population with migration background.)
Land-use and natural resources are a focus of the women led collective Myvillages. We are in that frame not only working with farmers but also connected to a Geological researcher, Oral Land-use History and will work with the ruruHaus network, Lumbung Kios and the Composting Knowledge Group in Kassel. In all this - our way of working had from its beginning a feministic approach – so also in Documenta 15 we have special attention to women led culture and economies in and around Kassel.

Kassel as a Knowledge Location
Mid May (with a Majelis) we start to go public and work till mid October 2022 (wrapping up). We will move and work across art and every day, while activating overlaps and exploring ways of seeing each other’s perspectives. We will make use of the publicness of Komposting Knowledge, the network of our local partners and the wider Rural School of Economics to make space for thinking about, recognising and reconnecting with the rural undercurrent. We will during the 100 days of Documenta, make space so connections can grow out to an infrastructure for commoning and long-term alliances.

Knowledge Partners in and around Kassel we work with are:
Schlachthof Kultur Zentrum in Kassel (1978) is a neighbourhood based cultural centre that practices and promotes inter-disciplinary and inter-cultural production - We will connect to their drawing groups, learn from Schlachthof and do workshops from mid-May with divers groups in their area.
(En-Plein-Air Drawing, Scanning the drawings)

Kommune Nieder-Kaufungen - is one of Germany’s most famous autonomous communes who hold 40+ years of radical economic knowledge. They will be a key partner in hosting, sharing and demanding new economic models that thrive from lived experience. A group of over 50 persons has e,g. an productive agricultural business and is a care-taker (Kindergarten and Day-Care) in the village of Kaufungen.
We will connect to their Agrofrost Acker im "Obere Schlade" were they have planted trees on fields and develop a new way of growing
(Walking and Talking, Re-drawing the Economy)

Frauentreff Brückenhof has been going for 40 years and they work with local residents who all have a recent migration background. Almost all of the 600+ women they actively engage withhold rural knowledge from elsewhere, be it Syria, Eritrea or Afghanistan. From end of April we start with the staff of Frauentreff a trans-local platform to acknowledge and later make public rural experience and knowledge from elsewhere that is currant to Kassel and the wider art community.
(Trans-local drawing, memory drawing, mapping)

Upland Molkerei is an innovative women run dairy processing plants in Landkreis Kassel. in Germany. Driven by values of co-operativism, fari food prices and sustainable entrepreneurship, the Molkerei is both a producer of organic milk products and an important advocate for future farming. The Molkerei has actively been contributing to Dokumenta’s since the 1980ies and they are collaborating with Myvillages on a joint public event that merges regionalism with politics and social entreprise.
(Redrawing the economy, Farm Visits and so on).

Ottoneum, the Natural History Museum of the city of Kassel. The museum has more than 450 years of collection history - also on the rich geology of the city. We work with Doctor Conny Kurz that is their geologist on Kassels undercurrent and learn about the layers that made Kassel alive and from their geological drawing methods.
(Geological drawing).