Why We Left The Village and Came Back
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Why We Left The Village and Came Back  (ENG)
a two months program with exhibitions, Biblioboxtravels, workshops and a one-day symposium about Rural Art Space
2006, Shrewsbury & Shropshire, UK

Adrian Plant, exhibition organiser at Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery, invited to do a two months project in and around Shrewsbury. He wanted to raise the local debate about art and the rural and felt that and the Bibliobox had enough experience and information to offer and share.
We devised a number of activities. Three exhibitions which showcased Wapke’s Bibliobox, Antje’s I like being a farmer and I’d like to stay one, and Kathrin’s Höfer Waren project. Parallel we put together a film programme for the local cinema. The Bibliobox travelled to a number of spaces in Shropshire, such as a local pub, an artist’s front room and a local history centre.

What does Shropshire sound like?
From november 2006 the bibliobox, the soundstudio and the Art Gallery of Belmont in Schrewsbury was used as a workshopspace to collect Shropshire sounds. E.g. a group of young media students learned Wapke how to say the words Shrewsbury and Shropshire, with and without an accent. Soon more on this and other local sounds they collected and sampled for the travelling Bibliobox.

Rural Art Space

The end of the `Why We Left The Village And Came Back`project was marked by a one day symposium on 17th Jan 07 in Shrewsbury. The day focused on the cultural, physical and social spaces that art uses and generates within a rural environment. Presentations in the morning were followed by workshop sessions in smaller groups in the afternoon. The day was attended by more than 80 artists and cultural producers who work on projects in the rural and/or were interested in the issues and case studies presented during the day.

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Bibliobox room in Belmont
What does Shropshire sound like?
Looking at the documentation of Job Koelewijn's real time cinema made for Oost-Stellingwerf in 1999
Kathrin Bohm's 'and millions' is an ongoing poster project. Here her posters and Wapke's layout in Belmont.