PS1, New York (USA)
`I am looking for space and fortune.`

PS1, New York (USA)   (ENG)
Part of Hotel New York PS1
1999, I am looking for space and fortune.

During her stay in the International Studio Program at PS1, the Rotterdam based artist Jeanne van Heeswijk turned Gallery S.205 of PS1 into a hotel room; Hotel New York PS1 was born. The project created a cultural Holland-America line by inviting artists, authors, actors and art workers from Van Heeswijk`s network. They staid in the hotel room and showed works to the public. This new cultural line mirrored an old boat line, that brought till 1978 emigrants from Rotterdam to New York and was called the Holland-America Line. In the former headquarter of this boat line nowadays the known Hotel New York is settled. Van Heeswijk asked Dorien de Vos, the designer of this hotel-restaurant, to imitate one of the original hotel rooms in the New Yorker Gallery S.205 in PS1. In the room talks, performances, screenings and shows took place from 15 December 1998 till 31 August 1999.

Wapke Feenstra was the last guest of Van Heeswijk’s project and planned to fly in mid August. She wrote that summer a letter to introduce her plans with and within the room. Her goal was to question the offered space. Please read fragments of the letter (see connected text). Wapke planned to end her stay by painting the whole room white and to clean it out. She also initiated a spread for Van Heeswijk in the Dutch artists newspaper HTV, a spread to share reflections on a year in New York.
But plans changed and the room was intended to run one year more by New York based curator Alison Smith (NL), so Wapke was not the last guest but part of a restart party. So for Wapke no cleaning and return to the white cube but a fruitful working period and inspiring contact to the PS1 audience. After two years (in spring 2001) a book was launched in which all participants of the project were invited to show works connected to their stay. Wapke published a group of photographs called “A walk around the block”. Pictures of a daily walk. She also wrote down the text ”I am looking for space and fortune”. The text was (during her stay in August 1999) tagged on several mirrors and later written down as a contribution to the book. Jeanne van Heeswijk choose this note as the title and cover-image of her book.