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MANIFESTA 1, Rotterdam (NL)

`Games People Play`

`NEsTWORK`, the artist’ group NEsTWORK was founded in Rotterdam in November 1995. (ENG)
Pre-press and pressreleases during Manifesta 1 in 1995-1996 by Wapke Feenstra

NEsTWORK is made up of people who live and work in the field of culture in Rotterdam. NEsTWORK is a hospitable group which aims to foster connections and be the sounding board for the local and international art world.
The name NEsTWORK indicates what the group is and what it is going to do. NEsTWORK does not see itself as an entity separate from already existing links.
The nest and the network cannot be separated from each other.
Both will bleed dry if the link is severed. But the nest and the network cannot survive under a constant burden: choices have to be made. NEsTWORK aims to explore the foundations and at the same time extend the boundaries.
What does this mean for art and the artist? In a period when nomadism and traveling art circuses are being welcomed as an important quickie, NEsTWORK wants to focus attention on the place where work is done. Occupying space and offering space is a form of reciprocity between guest and host. Art works and artistic activities always take up space. But this space is not a blank page. Every space - and therefore also the space of the art work and the artistic activity – has its own history. This generates both possibilities and limitations. There has to be a place to take up space and to offer space. The space already exists before the guest arrives.
NEsTWORK’s role is constantly evolving. It offers space and takes up space.
NEsTWORK’s first public activities will be developed at four different locations during Manifesta 1. These are: the artists initiative B.a.d.; Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum; Café and Zaal De Unie and The Documentation and Information Centre at the centre for Contemporary Art. NEsTWORK will be present at these four locations because their normal aims and activities are relevant to the intentions behind NEsTWORK’s projects. Due to the importance of their position in Rotterdam, Café and Zaal De Unie and The documentation and Information Centre at the CBK have – at our request – been added to the list of Manifesta 1 locations.

NEsTWORK consists of Ruud Welten, Karin Arink, Jeanne van Heeswijk, Menna Laura Meyer, Edwin Janssen, Kamiel Verschuren, and Wapke Feenstra